Posted by Mazarif on Thursday, July 24, 2008

For you that follow blogsvertise must be carefully, because they will banned your account without warning and explanation before. My friend get banned because take the same advertiser, at the job they explanation that if he was take job from this advertiser before, don't take it. And my friend didn't read this information, so he can't open their account again.

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Posted by Mazarif on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yes, finally I meet the man that help me to learn earn money from internet. I know this man from his blog, and he give me a big help to make business online. He came to my city because business. Unfortunately we can chat longer because must go back to his city. Thaks bro for your help, hope we meet again.

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Modern Furniture Store

Posted by Mazarif

Get new impression for our house is easy, we ca do it with replace our old furniture with modern furniture. Why choose modern furniture? It's because the modern furniture have exclusive design and high quality product. Modern furniture will match with your electronic at house. It's ridiculous if we have new gadget but the furniture is old fashion.

Many people didn't want change their old furniture because they think that buy furniture is need much money. Actually, we can get nice modern furniture with low price at internet. There we can compare one store than other to get low price. is modern furniture store that provide wide range of furniture like modern bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and other. All products have standard warranty against manufacturers defect and most manufacturers offer 1 year warranty against defects. With their nice interface website, I believe you'll pleased shopping there.
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Broken Heart

Posted by Mazarif

Broken heart is painful for us, when you get this you will feel that this is the end of the world. Actually we can't avoid the painful because broken heart with remember that God always give us the best. When you must separate with him or her, that's mean he'/she is not your destiny. God will replace it with the best for us.

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Zenni on Fox

Posted by Mazarif

Many people like use glasses, even they didn't have view problem. I think glasses was be part of fashion that can make us more good looking. At the market we can find any kind frame that have unique design. You can search nice frame at internet, just type frame at search engine and you'll get a dozen website that offer frame. For me, I prefer to get nice frame at, this is the best site to get frame. They provide wide selection frame with low prices.I give you information that Zenni on Fox news, it's mean that their product have high quality.

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First or End

Posted by Mazarif on Monday, July 21, 2008

What your opinion about Sunday? This is weekend or 'weekstart'. I mean that weekend is 7th day and 'weekstart' is 1st day. I believe that Sunday is 1st day for week, and the weekend is Saturday. And its mean that we starting the week with holiday. But many people said that Sunday is weekend. So, what your opinion?

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Heart Problem

Posted by Mazarif

Many old people get problem with their health, one of common disease that could happen to the old people are heart problem. One kind of heart problem is about their mitral valve. The mitral valve is a dual flap valve in the heart that lies between chambers of the heart. So, mitral valve has vital function for a human.

For people that had problem with their mitral valve, the only way to repair it just go to hospital and doing mitral valve surgery. I believe that most of people are scared to death to have surgery. Now we can remove our scary if must take mitral valve repair because we can go to Maryland Heart Center that have experience with mitral valve replacement.

The Maryland Heart Center has specialized in the surgical treatment of valvular disease, including mitral valve repair surgery. About 92 percent of patients at the Heart Center will have their valve repaired instead of replaced. So, if you have family or friends that have mitral valve problem, give them this information, hope they will get better condition.

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Choose Topic

Posted by Mazarif

This is a topic that can attract many reader

- Entertainment
Increasingly blogs are being used as entertainment. People are going to them for laughs, for gossip and for fun conversation.

- Education
some blog readers are primarily interested in learning something about a given topic.

Many successful blogs are built on the thirst that some have to be informed on an issue, product or topic

- Debate
Some blog readers want a place that they can have a good old fashioned dialogue, debate or even a fight over an issue

- News
Many blog readers just want to be kept up to date in a field

- Community
I’m aware of some very successful blogs that tap into the need that people have to connect and belong. Quite often the topic is secondary to these connections.

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Nouveau Riche University

Posted by Mazarif on Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do you ever hear Nouveau Riche University? Like the name of Nouveau Riche that mean new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank. Nouveau Riche University is the place for anyone to learn how to be wealthy. We all deserve to be wealthy but just little of us can achieve it, why this can happen? To be success is need 'secret' of way to achieve it. At Nouveau Riche University, you'll earn secret to success. Many people were getting success at their business after graduate this university. You can visit Nouveau Riche University Blog and read the success story from the people was graduating university. Nouveau Riche University will make sure that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of several short-term and long-term real estate investment strategies. And they will teach you concepts and strategies how to make real estate investment, so you can realize your dream of financial freedom. Nouveau Riche helped you get a phenomenal start in your investing career. Many people were changing their life, so let’s join this community to building new future and creating wealth for you.

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Cheap Flight

Posted by Mazarif on Friday, July 18, 2008

Want get cheap fights with Singapore Airlines? It’s no matter again; you can get cheap international airfares just online at internet. Just visiting, you will get cheap international flights. There you can book flights to around the world with airlines that you want like Jetstar Airlines, Qantas Airlines or United Airlines.

I believe many of us have a dream traveling around the world and visiting new places, unfortunately we can’t make it real because didn’t have enough money. Actually we can remove this obstacle if we can minimize cost of flight and get cheaper hotel. We can use service from to get cheap international flights and domestic flights. For domestic flights you can choose Qantas, these airlines flies to all major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other. offers travel services too; you can use their services for individual and corporate customers, including domestic and international travel, hotel accommodation, car hire, travel insurance and holiday packages. You can make traveling to Europe and other country easier with

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Grandfather Clock

Posted by Mazarif on Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do you ever see grandfather clock? This is unique clock that was established for long time before. This clock called grandfather clock because many grandfather have this clock. Actually this is a nice clock that can make our room more beautiful. Today many people interested with this clock, especially people that like collection unique stuffs. Grandfather clock have big dimension, some of them have high same with a man, you can imagine that? This is very big clock. I think if we can get perfect grandfather clock, we can make our room more beautiful. If you interested with this clock you can get it at internet, you can visit, this is great site to get unique clocks. At this site you can find wide range of clocks like grandfather clocks, wall clocks, atomic clocks grandmother clocks and much more. There you can buy clock according brand like Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger Clocks, Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Movado Clocks, Seth Thomas Clocks, Bulova Clocks and Infinity Clocks. At you can get any benefits like free shipping, warranties and low price guarantee. You can buy grandfather clock for your home and office or just to be gift to your friends. I believe that clocks make a good room better.

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Remove Underline

Posted by Mazarif

Every link at my post have underline before, now I was removing my underline link at this template. Now this blog look so simple, to remove underline just go to 'edit html' and search it with 'ctrl+F' type underline, if you find it then change with 'none'.

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Car Seats

Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It`s an important things to care about our safety when we ride a car, especially when we have a baby. When I confused about how to give my child a safe seat I found interesting page at, this page give me a lot of car seats choice and all of the car seat meet the current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

With a baby car seat we can get focus on the road because this baby car seat come in handy for keeping my child restrained in the car, so that I can keep my eyes on the road. There are five types of the car seats, for the smallest children, generally up to 1 year or up to 20 pounds use the Rear Facing Car Seats because safest position for a newborn is facing the rear of car.

For the baby up to 22 pounds or 26 inches long, we can use infant car seat carriers it has stay-in-car base that allows for quick installation and easy removal from the car - without waking your baby. For children 1 to 4 years and up to 40 pounds we can use Forward-Facing Car Seats it have Adjustable straps that will accommodate a growing child. For children up to 4 years we can also use Infant-Toddler Seats this seats Used as both a forward facing and rear facing car seat. And the other is Booster Car Seats, this seats Appropriate for children ages 4 to 8 years old that weigh between 40 and 80 pounds, and who are less than 4' 9" tall. We must take a good care about our child safety

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Real Estate Investing

Posted by Mazarif

Do you interested in investing your money? Investing on Real Estate is impossible for you? Do you afraid of real estate scam because there is a lot of real estate scam. We can ovoid them, "Nouveau Riche Scam" give us top 10 Real estate scam and a way to avoid them With Special Guest Mark Kohler and his team of attorneys. We can find interesting success story of the student. It is amazing to see how many lives have been changed for the better because of this awesome opportunity and we are going to showcase as many of these amazing stories. We always knew we should be doing something in real estate for the long term but didn’t have a clue as to how to get started. After being involved in Nouveau Riche and attending the training seminars we decided to take the plunge and buy that first property. It was kind of scary to click on the button but we knew we had to start somewhere. Nouveau riche (French for "new rich"), or new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank. Noveau riche scam can give us a lot of real estate scam that we can avoid; there is so much we can learn in noveau riche scam.

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Posted by Mazarif on Monday, July 14, 2008

Acne is the most common skin disease in the world, this disease most common during the teenage years and usually appears on the face, shoulders, and back. Because it can lead to permanent scarring on the face, acne can have profound and long-lasting psychological effects. In boys, acne usually begins in early adolescence and for the girls, acne usually begins in the mid-teens. In some individuals, the problem can continue into adulthood.

There are excellent types of therapy for all kinds of acne, including topical treatment, antibiotics, and hormonal manipulation. Treatments should begin with soap and water cleansing every night, with a good diet, and regular exercise.

For acne sufferers, you can try murad acne complex. This is product by the leader in skincare science, Dr. Murad. Acne complex has worked for all skin types and all ages. You can buy this product at, every product have 60 day money back guarantee. Many people get soft and smooth face after using Murad Acne Complex.

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Laptop 'Hang'

Posted by Mazarif

If you're laptop is 'hang' every connect to internet, try this step, hope this can solve your problem:
  1. Check your driver, are you was install all driver? you can check it with right click the my computer icon, then click hardware tab, then click manage device, there you can see driver that you was install and not.
  2. Make sure use newest driver, you can get it from your manufacture website.
  3. If your laptop still hang every connect to internet, reinstall your windows
  4. If still can solve the problem, go to service center and check your wifi hardware.

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Get Nice Shutters

Posted by Mazarif

I like to see the house that have exterior shutter at the windows, I think that shutters can make the house more beautiful. The other benefits to use exterior shutters are your house more secure from theft at the night. At the market we can find many kinds of shutter with beautiful design. Before buy one of them, you must consider the style of shutter, don't ever buy shutter that didn't fit with your house style. You can use exterior shutter from Larson Shutter Company, they provide many kinds of shutters like wood shutters, vinyl shutters and many more. You can visit their site at to get more information about their products. Larson shutter give you free shipping of premium quality wood, vinyl and composite exterior shutters and exterior shutter hardware.

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Backup Data

Posted by Mazarif

I was lost some data at my flash disk, some of them is very important, this make me upset and blame myself cause didn't make backup data before. I can't open all data at the flash, I think this cause my flash are broken or get virus. This very annoying me.....I give little advice for you, don't ever forget to backup your data, like at computer, flash disk or CD.

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Unique Gift

Posted by Mazarif

In my country, visiting our friends that have baby is the common culture. The parents will held the party welcome for the baby. They will invited all neighbor and friends to come the party and see the baby. Most of visitor bring a gift for the baby. As a parents, I believe that we want give the best for our children. For you that want get a nice gift you can visit - Upscale Baby Gifts & Unique Toys. At this shop, you'll find many kinds of toys with a wide range prices. They have Spiffy Baby Talk - where one savvy parent meets another, so you'll get valuable information about treat the baby.

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Starting Business

Posted by Mazarif on Saturday, July 12, 2008

The most obstacle for the people that want starting new business is the capital or money. Actually if you really intend to build new business, you can start the business that didn’t need much money, so you can use your own money to start new business. But if you didn’t have enough money, you can contact your family or friends that want to lend you the money. If this way still can’t solve the problem, the last way is make loan to bank or other lender. Before take loan to the lender, we must learn the terms of service that they give to us like interest and other cost. Theres many way to get loan for your business, so keep forward!

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Football Addict

Posted by Mazarif

As a football lover I like discussion with my friends, we always discuss about match prediction, player transfer, match result and other. For you that want discuss with other people from around the world, you can follow football picks forum in internet. Beside discuss about football you'll get information about football and can create friendship with the people from all around the world. You can visit, there you can find free football picks and other sports.

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Commercial Mailboxes

Posted by Mazarif

Do you need mailboxes for your company or organization? I suggest visiting, they have over 2500 mailboxes including residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes. All mailboxes at there have high quality and unique design. Choosing the perfect mailbox can make your office more beautiful.

Before buy commercial mailbox, you need considering about type and security. Mailbox is place for postman to take our letter and documents, so we need commercial mail boxes that can protect our important document from the people or competitor that will doing criminal act to our company. The other important thing that we must considering before buy mailboxes is type of mailboxes, choose the mailboxes that have some boxes, so every department have own box and we didn’t need to screening the letter again.

All products at have high quality, this store gives us low price guarantee, and it’s mean that we really get lowest price for the mailbox that we buy. has affiliate program that you can follow it, the participants are paid $20.00 for signing up. To learn more about this program you can visit their site.

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Zenni Optical

Posted by Mazarif

Zenni Optical was on FOX news! It’s mean that Zenni optical was known by around the country. Zenni is brand of eyeglasses frames, they have many designs for frames, and you can choose incredible stylish new frames from Zenni for your glasses. Zenni manufacture have program Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses, you can get it at their site in; there you can find a wide range of frames with low prices.

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Little Advice

Posted by Mazarif on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Money is important thing in our life, many people willing do anything just to get the money including sell their honor. Actually the happiness can’t be determined by how much money in your pocket, we can see that many rich people and famous was suicide because they didn’t get happiness in their life. We can’t buy the real happiness. We can get happiness just say thanks to God for everything that was given, and share it to the poor man.

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New Frames

Posted by Mazarif

For the people that use eyeglasses, is the perfect place to get frames with low prices. They provide a wide range style of frames with full guarantee. There so many design that attract me, I believe you'll find the perfect frames for you. All frames at Zenni optical are manufactured by their self, this is like company merchants, so they can sell the frames to costumer with low prices than other store online.

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Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Many Indonesian politicians didn’t have ability to accept the different opinion from other people. We can prove it with many of them quit from their party and made new party. So we can see that Indonesian have 34 parties that will follow general election 2009. This condition make citizen get difficulty to choose the party, and its make most of them didn’t give vote at next general election.

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My Dream

Posted by Mazarif

Every people have a dream and cause that we still a life. I have some dream in my life and the main dream is make other people happy. It's amazing if we can make other people smile, I believe we all have same dream cause human was created with love by God. There many way to make other people happy, you can give them money, love and anything, but if you can't give it, just give them big smile its enough.

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Get Apartments

Posted by Mazarif

Many reason for the people to moving to other city or country, like to working, go to college, or just get new experiences. Moving to other city is easy if we have family or friends in there, cause we can get their help to get apartments and help us to adaptation with new environment. For the people that didn't have friends or family at city that we will life there,it's will be difficult to get apartments moreover if the city that be our destination is big city like Chicago. I believe many people have plan to move to this city, cause this is one of biggest city in united States. Many people was move there to get job or go to college. The important thing before moving to Chicago is choosing Chicago apartments. You can search apartments Chicago just online on internet. So you can choose the apartment from your city before going to Chicago. The site to help us find apartments is, there we can search apartment according rates and Chicago neighborhoods. This is easier way to get apartments in Chicago.

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Posted by Mazarif

Some people annoying because get critic from other people, it's different with me, I love critic and say thanks to the people that critic me. I usually see politician at television have upset and annoying if get critic from their opposite. Actually with critic from the people that love or hate us is same important, we can use it to improving our self and be better person.

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Europe Traveling

Posted by Mazarif on Monday, July 07, 2008

Many people have a dream to traveling around the world, for me the most favorite place to make traveling is to Europe. It's because Europe have many country that have interested place like England, Italy, France and Spain. At England we can see the historical building like palace and parliament building. France is the perfect destinations for the couple that want make honeymoon trip and Italy have many historical building from mid age and the water city of Venice. That is some country in Europe that attracts me to go there sometime.

For the people that want traveling in Europe with fewer budgets must have perfect plan before traveling. Before planning goes to Europe, we must get information about country that be our destination. The perfect place to get information is through internet. There we can get information about interesting place, restaurant, and hotels. At internet we can get ticket plane and hotels with lower prices.

To get information about hotels in all city of Europe, we can visit, this site have information about hotels in Europe like London hotels, Paris hotels, Rome hotels, Barcelona hotels and many more. At EasyToBook we can make book at many hotels. It's easy to find hotel that we need, because they give us enough information about the hotels like position of hotels, view and rates. With this information we can make prediction about the cost of traveling to Europe.

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Protect CD

Posted by Mazarif

I have CD that contain some article that I made, I afraid that someone will take my CD and Copy it. So I search at internet how to protect the CD, and everyone can't clone or copy my CD. I got result about how to protect CD, unfortunately when I try this way, I got failure message, until now I can't find the way to protect CD. Do you have suggestion?

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Tactical Pants and My Hobby

Posted by Mazarif

Many people have unique hobby that different each other. One of my hobbies is climbing mountain, I was do it since high school until at college. After climbing some mountain, I was conclude that the important part before climbing is use the kind of cloth properly. At climbing mountain I like use tactical pants and t-shirt. I think this is the best choice for the people that working at the outside of door. I have some tactical pants and usually use it at any moment including climbing mountain. Tactical pants is identically with relax time and non formal cloth that we can use it everyday. To get tactical pants we can buy at internet. One place to get tactical pants is at, there you can find many kinds of pants from many brands like 5.11 Tactical and many more.

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Extreme Futsal

Posted by Mazarif

Actually this just ordinary futsal, but the extreme is time to play it. Last night, I was played futsal with my friends from 00:00 to 02:00 AM. I think this is bad decision play sport at the night, cause at the night is time for rest. I promises didn't play futsal at night again.

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Online Dating

Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We can do anything with surfing in internet like shopping, get friends, business, or just get information. Internet was be favorite way to get friends, you can do it with following social networking site. For the people that want get singgle guys or girls and make a date with them, it's better to following online dating service. Actually many site that give us opportunities to find our soulmate. At internet we can find many dating sites and every sites have unique feature, because that to follow one of them we need information about every dating sites and this information can help us to choose dating sites that we need. To get information about major dating sites you can visit, there you can compares various singles matchmaking services and online dating sites. They have review from major dating sites like Perfect Match, eHarmony,, American Singles, Yahoo personal and much more. At, we can search dating sites  like adult  dating,  christian singles,  matchmaking services and other. With their help you can create a free profile and meet eligible singles at nice dating sites.

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Help Them

Posted by Mazarif

As we know that poverty at our country is increasing because rising of oil and gas prices. How we can help the people that struggle to get income for their family? we can do that with our way, it's not need for us to the street yelling government to decreasing the oil prices. We can help them just support their business, many of them have little shop and we can support them with shopping at their shop and many other way to help them.

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Drug Addiction

Posted by Mazarif on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Every people was known that drugs and alcohol can give bad effect to our health, actually drugs and alcohol have many benefit if we use it properly. Today, people that addicted by drugs increasing every year and most of the victim are young man. They use drugs mainly because have problem at their family, their parents didn't give enough attention to their child. People that get drug addiction didn't have bright future, this is our responsibility as a parents and friends to change their life and keep on track.

Every day we can heard about criminal that was done by people that was drunk before. Many vehicle accidents caused people that drunk too. It's mean that effect of drugs and alcohol not just to user but its to other people too. To recover the people that was addicted by drugs and alcohol, we need help from the people that have experience with drug treatment. The best way to help the victim is send them to drug rehab or alcohol rehab center.

You can get information about rehabilitation center from internet, you can visiting, there you can get many information about addiction rehab including cocaine rehab, drug rehab, crystal meth rehab and alcohol detox treatment too. With their experience, I believe they can handle addiction problem.

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Better Channel

Posted by Mazarif

After make a list about channel television that have bad quality, know i will make a list about channel television that have good quality, this list according the program that channel have, more program that give people knowledge and education more better. And this is the list:
  1. MetroTV, this channel have many education program from local program and foreign program. Actually this is first news channel in Indonesia.
  2. TVone, this is news and sport channel, many good program they have mainly about animal.
  3. Trans7, they have some program that give people knowledge and education, like Laptop si Unyil, Jejak Petualang, Asal Usul and other.

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