Compliance Software

Posted by Mazarif on Friday, May 30, 2008

Competition between company on the world of industry more tight today, to be a winner on competition the company must always on track and have the right way to run the company. The most important part to grow up company is manage information assets properly. Cause with this
information, company can made the right policy. To achieve it company requires the regular review and certification. The most obstacle for certification is human error, we can avoid this with an automatic system to help access certification.

To find the right compliance software for company it's need some requirements like fully automate the compliance monitoring, reporting, certification, remediation and easily to understood. With the right compliance software we can ensuring that business manager are accountable.

The best compliance software to get comprehensive insight about our business is offered by Aveksa. They provide software Aveksa 3 for enterprise access governance enabling business, Aveksa compliance manager and Aveksa role manager. Many enterprise was use Aveksa to help build the company like Phoenix Companies, CIGNA, XL Capital and much more. Aveksa is solution for the enterprise, they provides software that easy to understand for business users, automation of the entitlement and role review process, have dashboards for immediate insight into the status of certifications and attestations, a closed-loop workflow process that enables accountability and archived certifications and audit trails that provide the evidence needed.

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Limited Access

Posted by Mazarif

Couple day ago my account Paypal was get limited access, I know about it when open my
email. At inbox I could see email notification from Paypal about limited access for my account. After read their email, they give me instruction how to resolve the limitation. They told me that to resolve the problem I must provide many document. Because I'm not have document that they want, I send them email via contact support, at my email I give them explanation about anything and today my account normal again.

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Coupon Code

Posted by Mazarif on Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shopping online was be new style to buy anything, today we can get everything just online on internet. Many merchants sites was build to offer many products and services to consumers. There has two kind of merchants on internet, merchants that didn't have real store and merchants that have store at real life, both are nice place for us to shopping.

There have many advantages if we shopping online, we can stay at home to buy products, it's mean that we not spend money to buy gas for our car or buy bus ticket. Another advantage is we can compare the price from one merchants to other merchants to get lower prices for the products. You can get more lower price if you have discount code or coupon code. This coupon can used to online shopping bargains for electronic games Hasbro, Mattel, Nextar and Radica, or for other product like computer, laptop and much more.

For the parents that have baby, discount or coupon code can save their money when buy baby stuffs like baby bedding, diaper bags, strollers, swings and bouncers, highchairs, baby gates and prenatal accessories. It's easy to get coupon code, you can visit sites that offer discount or coupon code and search coupon that you need. All coupon code that offer is free you can get it for many merchants. Coupon code is smart way to shopping online.

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Happy Birthday

Posted by Mazarif

Happy Birthday for my friends


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Fire Ant Treatment

Posted by Mazarif

The most bugs that annoying me is mosquito and fire ant. I'm very afraid with fire ant bite than mosquito bite cause when you got bite of fire ant you're skin will red at the bite area, very painful and can be allergic . If you get problem with fire ant, you must learn about fire ant treatment. To get more information about fire ant you can visit, there you can read facts about fire ants and how treatment of stings to keeping the bites from becoming any worse.

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Why I love MU

Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Since i know with football, i was fall in love with Manchester United. I'm be Manchester fans since King Eric Cantona join with MU. This club have good organization and marketing, so today Manchester United become one of richest club in the world.

The moment about this club that i always remember it is when Manchester United achieve treble winner in 1999, they be winner premier league, FA Cup and Europe championship. That day was great day by Manchester and the fans, i hope someday this achievement can be done again and i will be the witness it and my dream came true when MU beat Chelse at Final Europe Championship.

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Web Hosting Tutorials

Posted by Mazarif

Today you can do everything just with online, internet was be part of life most people and every year the user of internet increasing. This condition can be good opportunities for us to get money. We can get it with offers any products and services through our website. The advantage to sell stuffs with website is our customer not just at our country but all people around the world.

It's need special knowledge about create good website. The important part for us to build our website is choosing web hosting. It's not easy to choose web hosting that cheap hosting and good services. To know it we need web hosting tutorials from the experts. You can get new knowledge about web hosting at, there you can read good articles about web hosting. At their site you can search many web hosting that they recommended for us.

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Fair Biography

Posted by Mazarif

Last morning, I watched television program about biography of Ahmaddinejad. After finished watch this program I think that the title must be not biography, cause biography is story about people with fair story. The source of information must be balance from the people that hate him and people that love him too. Unfortunately, on this video most of the expert that give information are hate Ahmadinejad, so this program is not fair. When you tell about someone that you hated, you can't give the fair story, it's will be much about what you hate about him or what their failure and other minor story. I think when the people want make biography video about someone, they must give information from two side, from people that hate him and love him, or story about their success and their failure too. I hate that video not cause Ahmadinejad is Moslem like me, but I need true story about someone.

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Corporate Gifts

Posted by Mazarif on Monday, May 26, 2008

I often get corporate gifts like mugs, ballpoints, umbrella, note book and bag from many company. At the gift, they printed company name, products or services. I usually get it from the bank when first time open account and any company at trade show events. I think this is good kind of advertisement than use leaflet, cause the customer or people given something can be use. When company promote with leaflet, people will read it and throw away but if company use promotional products, people will read the name of company and remember every use the items.

The best way to get promotional products for company or organizations are at, they offer over 975,000 promotional items to put your logo. You'll get a better discount than most other company are able to offer. You can order corporate gifts for company events, trade show, customer incentives, sales promotions, and many more. will make sure your logo is imprinted correctly, and delivered on time. Put logo or message onto items to brand, promote, create incentive or give gifts to employees and customers is the great way of advertisement.

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You Care, You Safe

Posted by Mazarif on Sunday, May 25, 2008

If you ever seen criminal don't let it, but tried to restrain it. Cause the same criminal can do the same to us.

The interesting example is like in Spiderman movie, where Peter Parker let criminal happen to the owner of fight game where he cheat Peter. Actually Peter can prevent it and catch the robber. But he not do that and let robber pass away in front off him.

And the robber then kill his uncle, so Peter very-very sorry cause let the robber pass away. And this film was give us advice don't ever lets criminal happen in front off you.

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Buy Online Papers

Posted by Mazarif

The great obstacle for student to graduate their college is academic assignments. Writing of essay is need special ability of writing to produce essay with high quality and so many students frustrating with essay writing assignment. Essay writing is one of kind academic assignment for student of high school, college, bachelor, master and Phd program. To finish the assignment you can do it yourself or buy online papers from a professional custom essay writing company. Today, so many company offers professional academic research and writing services. But you must carefully to choose company for your order, it's cause many company accused for plagiarism.

The best site that offers writing services is, this company can help you to make professional essays, articles, reports, assessments, research papers, term papers, critical writing and bibliography help writing too. They have guarantee 100% plagiarism free, unique papers and completed your essay in 12, 8 or 6 hours. To learn more about writing services you can visit them at

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Black Friday

Posted by Mazarif on Saturday, May 24, 2008

Every end of the year is time for shopping for many people, particularly by parents. It's because at the end of year we celebrate Christmas and must buy Christmas gift for our families. It's no longer again to celebrate Christmas.

To make save our money we must clever to get presents, you can buy everything you need at Black Friday. Cause this is shopping season and you'll get special offers from many merchants. Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving, now we get closer to Black Friday and you must prepare to get 2008 thanksgiving specials offers. You can get information about Black Friday at, there you can subscribe your email to get information update of Black Friday discounts so you not miss the big opportunities.

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Bad credit offers

Posted by Mazarif

Credit was be part of life by most of people at United States, cause with credit we can do anything to get bright future. There so many kinds of credit that lenders offers to us like credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans and another. But is not easy to get their services, they have strict requirement for the people that want apply it. This cause the lenders won't get problem with their customers, so for you that was get approval for your apply must be careful, don't ever make problem with your credit. When you have problem about your credit, they will terminate your loan and take you on black list people that have bad credit history.

Unfortunately so many people was trap on this situation. For the people with bad credit history can turn to other lenders that provide bad credit offers. You can search it at, there you can find the best credit offer to fit your condition. Their staffs will help you to find offers based on factors like ease of approval, interest rate and other. After find the best credit offers like credit cards, home loans, auto loans or personal loans, you can apply it and continue your life.

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Broken Sandals

Posted by Mazarif

My favorite sandals was broken today. This case made me remember with advice that my uncle told to me, he said that whatever how expensive your sandals its will broken to if you used it in water every time. This advice has a deep meaning if we know it.

The meaning is however you a good person, but if you often make friendship to close with bad guy you'll be a bad guy too. And i hope we more carefully to make friendship with other people, don't they let you be bad guy.

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Easy Reservation Hotels

Posted by Mazarif

Looking new culture at another country is very satisfied, it's more worthy if we do it with the person that we love. I can imagine the beautiful country in Europe, visiting the attractive and famous place is very nice and I hope can realize this dream. It's easy to make traveling around the world if you follow the program from travel agency cause all accommodations was arrange by them, but it's difficult to make vacation to another country by yourself for the first time especially to get cheap hotels with good services.

Today is easy to get cheap hotels, just online on the internet you can reserve the room for your vacation. The great place to get information about cheap hotels in Europe, United States, Australia and other country is cheaperthanhotels. There you can reserve according the day of check in and check out long days before. This site give us easy way for making reservations to quickly find last minute London Hotels like Earl's Court Gardens Hotel, this hotel is a clean tourist class hotel with basic facilities or you can choose another hotels at their sites.

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Oh God Erease this Envy Please..

Posted by Mazarif on Friday, May 23, 2008

Do you ever feel envy with another person that get prosperity? This envy was grow in my heart when i saw other blog or web that have ads. This envy is i'm not ever click that ads cause its will bring the owner money.

So why i am so envy, i am not release money to do that and not loss anything, so why i am so envy to person that get money? Oh god erase this envy from me please..amen
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Internet Providers

Posted by Mazarif

Internet was be part of life for many people, it's hard to life without internet. Today we can do anything with online to the internet, from get job, get friends, shopping and many more. For beginner it's difficult to find an internet service provider that we needed. You can search information with online on internet.

To get information about internet service providers, I suggest you to visit, there you'll get article about DSL access, cable Internet, satellite ISPs, voice over IP phone services and dial up internet service providers. My favorite article at is about free internet service providers, at this article you can learn how get Net Zero dial up access at no cost.

So many way to internet but dial up services is still popular, because it is more cheaper than broadband services such as DSL and cable internet. But if you want get more faster for internet access you can choose broadband services like DSL. If you interested about dial up services providers you can read their article. They give you information about some providers, so you can choose providers that suitable with your condition and for information about DSL internet services you can read there too. To learn more about internet providers you can visit their sites at

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Nice Mail Box

Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mail box is be important part of our house, because there all of our letter and bill placed by postman. Good mailbox can make secure our important document from person that want take our information for criminal act. Mailboxes not just place for letter but it can make our house more beautiful too.

You can see nice mail boxes at, they have over 2500 mailbox, curbside decor products, address plaques and numbers. To orders mailboxes, just shopping at their sites or by phone orders, you'll given low prices for all their product. You can choose your style of mailbox for residential or commercial mailboxes and your orders are shipped and deliver
to your address. have affiliate program, it's easy to follow this program, just give link to their site using text link and banners at your blogs or sites. You'll give commission between 10-12% if any customer purchase their product from your link. Participants are paid $20.00 for signing up. So why wait!

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Life from Music

Posted by Mazarif

Now is easy for you that want be singer or artist in Indonesia. So many new bands was released their album in two years past. This situation very different with three or five years before, that day i can count new bands. It's cause producer and television held many program to give opportunities for young singer and new band to perform their ability. Unfortunately many new bands have same genre music and not creative, and just one or two song at their album has good quality.

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Success on Exhibit

Posted by Mazarif on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For businessman, participate to some exhibit or trade show can increase their income. If you have new products or services, you must promote it so that peoples know your products and interesting to buy it. Exhibit is one way to promote and get new customers. To attract visitor you need have nice stands.

To get stuffs for create attractive stands such as truss, trade show flooring, trade show furniture, banner stands and more, you can visit There you can get anything for your trade show display. For banner stands they have many kinds of banner like retractable, telescoping, motorized scrolling, outdoor and many more kinds of banner stands.

Camelbackdisplays provide many types of truss for lighting, display trade shows and other. It's easy to shopping at, because they have categories for their products, so it's more easy to find what you need. are very experienced to help many companies, universities and more at their exhibiting.

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Reverse Phone

Posted by Mazarif

Do you ever want to run a reverse phone number that call you? If yes, you can visit, there you can get information anything about phone numbers. They offers valuable products for you like reverse phone lookups, privacy protection and more. Reverse phone lookups is good tool for you that won't miss call to your phone, with this tool you can know about who and from where is calling, or if you want to avoid phone calls that annoying , you can adding you phone to the no call list. This feature will remove your information from any data source, so you can block unwanted calls.

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My breakfast

Posted by Mazarif

My ordinary task at the morning after wake up is go to bath room, washing my face, solat at dawn (pray to God), little exercise and go out home to get some breakfast. My breakfast is chicken soto, I must buy it cause I can't cooking and life alone. Chicken soto is my favorite breakfast, it's can give me strength to face new day. Good morning world!

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Bed Bugs

Posted by Mazarif

Do you ever get a little bite when you're sleeping but you know that it's not cause by mosquito? Sometime I get it at dawn for about five minutes and this make me annoying. I get information that this cause by bed bugs and they sucking out my blood. Bed bugs life at bedroom, especially in the mattress. To learn more about this little bugs, you can visiting . There we can a couple tricks to rid off bed bugs from our bedroom.

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Posted by Mazarif

I like see house or building that have a flower garden, because it's can make me feel pleasant and peaceful. After back from work, sitting there can relieve stress and give me strength to face next day. To have a good garden needed a good planters too. If you want have this one you can visiting, there you find anything about planter solution.

No matter whatever you want and need, because have indoor planters and outdoor planters. They can make your passion become true. If you have apartment, you can choose window box planters for your room. Planterixchange provide high end planters and decorative planters too, so you can make your home become more beautiful and be pleasant place.

It's easy shopping at, you can search by shape, material, color, price and features. They give you the lowest prices for their product and services. You can orders by online at their site and orders are shipped to your address. They accept all major credit cards and paypal for the payment. To get more information you can visit their site at

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Becoming Rich

Posted by Mazarif

I believes that a person does not have to be a genius to become rich. Any person can become wealthy if he thinks positively, has a deep desire and persistence to achieve his goal.

There so many writers was writing about the important of positive thinking and we can learn about positive thinking from there. These 7 steps to gain this great success:

1. Choose a definite dream.
2. Put all your energy into that dream.
3. Be willing to do menial work at first.
4. Visualize your dream.
5. Form a strategy.
6. Endure through the hard times.
7. Eliminate any way to retreat.

Start creating opportunities, out of failures and being successful today.

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Posted by Mazarif on Friday, May 16, 2008

I like join to social networking sites, cause I can make friendship with people from all around the world at there. Recently I was join with socialspark, this is new social networking site. SocialSpark is new innovation and creative marketing, there we can make relationship with another blogger and earn money too. This site is place for bloggers and advertiser met together.

So many benefits that you can get with join Socialspark, for bloggers it's can be new opportunity to earn money from advertiser. For advertisers, they can choose bloggers to publish their product or services. There have two kinds of opportunities to get money for bloggers, writing about product or services of advertisers or placing display advertisement at their blogs.

It's easy to join with Socialspark, just visiting to and sign up yourself to get new account, then you'll get email verification from Socialspark, after respons the email you'll be member of socialspark. You can login with your account and create your profile, it's better if you create interesting profile so advertiser can find and choose your blog to promote their product or services. Join with Socialspark can increase your visitor, because other blogger see our profile and visit our blogs. You can see my profile and be my friends.

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Success Story

Posted by Mazarif on Thursday, May 15, 2008

Every people want be success at their work field and we need learn from success people to achieve it. We can learn about how they can achieve their success and how they face the obstacle. Reading about their life can grow up our passion to be success man too. So many success people had launched their biography from politic, athlete, businessman and other.

When I read about their achievement, I thought that every success man is very success at his field. And I hope I can follow his track to be success in my field.

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Right Business Processes

Posted by Mazarif

To be great compete company on the world of industry, company need the right business processes to grow up and manage their information assets. It's need an automatic system to help access certification. Automatic system can limiting the probability of fraud by human error and to ensure that only the right people have access to the right systems.

The key for choosing an automated security auditing software solution for access certification is easily understood by the business manager. It's cause business managers are key to collaboration between information security, compliance and audit teams. This collaboration needed to ensure accountability, transparency and visibility of company. Accountability, transparency and visibility is the sign that the company have a good governance.

Good business manager is understand how use of information assets and who should have access to them. With the right business processes, it's easy to determine who has access to what, how they got that access, whether they should have access and other.

Aveksa is solution for comprehensive access governance cause this system is automated and auditable. At Aveksa the security compliance teams can perform the central role of setting polices and enforcing accountability. This is suitable to business process for the monitoring, reporting, remediation and manage enterprise information assets. Aveksa provides automation of the entitlement and role review process, easy for business users to understand, have dashboards for immediate insight into the status of certifications and attestations, a closed-loop workflow process that enables accountability and archived certifications and audit trails that provide the evidence needed.

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Blog walking

Posted by Mazarif

To get alexa rank more better for your blog, you can do it with blog walking to another blogs. It's cause when you visiting another blog, the owner will visiting you back. This blog have alexa more than 13 million before, and now have around 3 million of alexa rank, I get it only on 2 weeks.

Alexa will recorded pages that view by visitor, but this not recorded if same visitor views at the same page. Blog walking will more effective if you have a new post. So, when you have new post, increase your blog walking activity, this can make better your alexa rank.

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Car Shipping

Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There so many reasons why we must move to another states or country like duty, working, go to school or college and other. For some person it's mean that they must moving their stuffs included their lovely car. It's easy to moving your car to another states or country, just call car shipping company your problem is covered.

If you need professional auto transport company that offers nationwide and international car shipping, you can visit, they have specialize in auto transport and can deliver in all U.S. states.

They give you the lowest car shipping rates in the auto transport industry. You'll get rates information with call 830-625-1095 or fill out their short form. You can choose enclosed trailers or open trailers for your vehicles and your vehicle insured against damage at the time delivered. Whatever your car it's easy moving it to another states or country.

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Rental Property

Posted by Mazarif on Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Looking rental property in New Zealand more easy now, cause the greatest and the best Rental Property New Zealand website had just launched. You can visiting them in, there you can find your dream house and apartment. You can search by locate of property in all city or district of New Zealand. give describe for the property with clearly like about bedroom, view from the property, prices per week and other. All information in this site is free, so check it out.

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Delete "undeleteable" files

Posted by Mazarif

If you have files that can't delete, and show warning when try to delete it like "the file is in use" or "the file is locked" you can try this tips. Visiting to the rescue, Unlocker is a dead simple application that can delete anything, both locked or no. If this no working, you can try other free utilities to delete the undeleteable. Visit this site to get utilities,

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Easy Shopping

Posted by Mazarif

You can buy anything on the internet now, there's many merchants that offering their stuffs and services. It's possible that a thousands merchants offers you for the same stuffs or services, so it's hard for choosing the best place and prices to buy stuffs or services that you needs.

To find stuffs and services you can use shopwiki, this sites especially to seeks out every store on the internet. Shopwiki have similar way with traditional search engine like google or yahoo to finds website on the internet.

You can find anything on shopwiki like accessories, automotive parts, computer and many more. For you that want buy products for your home and garden can search it on shopwiki too. In home and garden category, you'll find everything you need to make your house comfortable places. There's you'll given home furnishing and decor guide, house wares and home maintenance guide, outdoor and gardens guide and more. Shopwiki not just give you places to buy product but give you the best recommendations about kind of product and best price too. It's more easy shopping with Shopwiki.

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Credit Repair Services

Posted by Mazarif on Monday, May 12, 2008

Credit card was be part of life by most of America citizens and when they have a bad credit history it's like feel the end of world for their life. With good credit, you can make your bright future and make your life what you want it to be, you can get any loan and do something like home loan, car loan, start business, go back to school and other. You can get it all if you have positive credit.

If you have a bad credit history you need bad credit repair to get approve for loan that apply by you. It's easy to get credit repair, just visiting, they will help you to repair credit.

You just sign up your self at to use their credit repair services. They will give you fully guarantee, you'll be satisfied with the results of their service, or you'll get all of your money back. make bright future for you and your family.

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Savings Money when Shopping Online

Posted by Mazarif on Saturday, May 10, 2008

Many people like shopping and many ways to do this, direct to shop or just with online on the internet. It's more advantages if you shopping on the internet. Cause if you have coupon codes or promotional codes you'll get discounts for your deals.

To get coupon codes you can visit, they provide coupon for many stuffs and services like books, clothing, computers, and other. It's easy to get coupon codes cause they was list by coupon categories and you can get store directory too.

In you can get coupons for your travel too. For travel coupons you can get Travelocity coupons and other. Travelocity is one of the best travel service online, they give you many interesting offers, like discounts for domestic flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. It's can saving your money up to 50% with Travelocity coupons that given by

All coupons that provided by is free. With coupon codes that given by you can shopping more cheap in more than 700 merchants. Let's saving money with

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Alexa Toolbar

Posted by Mazarif

Alexa rank is important for your sites, cause many advertisement use alexa rank and pagerank for their requirements. More lower your alexa more easy to get advertiser and more money that you can earn. One way to get good alexa rank is use alexa toolbar. If your reader visit your sites with alexa toolbar it's can increase your alexa rank.

The Alexa toolbar is a program written by Alexa Internet that users install into the browser. Every time the user changes pages, the Alexa toolbar communicates with Alexa servers to retrieve information which is then displayed in the toolbar. So let we use alexa toolbar to browsing or blog walking to another blog. For Firefox users click here to add alexa toolbar and Internet Explorer click here.

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Payday Cash Loans

Posted by Mazarif

Are you need cash advance but you have a bad financial history? don't worry cause you can get payday loans more easy now whether you have good or bad credit history. Just visiting, they will assist you to find your payday cash loans needs.

To use their services, you must sign up your self and give information about your financial condition. After submitted information, they will search payday loans lender that match with your needs.

Every lenders have requirements that you must full it before you can make applying, like a legalized citizens of the United States, must be employed or on a government program, over 18 of age, must earn at least $1000 a month and you must have an active bank account. These requirements can different from one lender to another.

After applying, will searching for the best cash advance for you. Once they match you with a lender they will contact you shortly.

They have many kinds of loans that you can apply, like car loans, home loans, auto financing and other. In you can find many resources about financial, like loan advice, short term loans, cheap loans, secured loans, unsecured loans, cheap insurance information, and many more. It's quick and easy to get cash advance with

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Posted by Mazarif on Friday, May 09, 2008

Finally pagerank of this blog dropped yesterday, I was predict it before. When google update pagerank at early may this blog still have pagerank 4 and now drop to pagerank 3. Maybe this cause I follow paid review program, and dropping pagerank for sites that follow this program is normal. I hope can increase pagerank again at next update.

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Mac Poker Info

Posted by Mazarif

Many sites provided their visitors to play online poker, but it's hard for us to find sites that can be trust and has good reputation. To get information about online poker that had good reputation just visiting There you can find online poker sites that you can trust especially for mac poker. have a list of the best online poker sites to play poker for mac like party poker and pacific poker. In this sites you can play poker for free.

Another favorite of online poker sites is fulltilt poker, they have a nice graphics and created poker software for macc that many people love it. You can get reviews about fulltilt poker in

In you'll get many resources about basic poker rules like poker hand rank chart, Texas Holdem Poker Rule Guide, Seven Card Stud Poker Rule Guide, Omaha Poker Rule Guide , HORSE Poker Rule, Five Card Draw Poker Rule Guide, Pineapple Poker Rule Guide and other.

You can get about poker strategy, poker tips, poker articles and other in too.

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Check it

Posted by Mazarif

Link exchange is very important to increase our pagerank. We usually do this with another blogger. But it's will be done if link exchange with another blog that have pagerank higher than our blog. So check your blog in my blogroll, if your blog not there, please let me know. I'll add your blog soon

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Play Online Trivia

Posted by Mazarif on Thursday, May 08, 2008

Games can relieve our stress, i always play any games if I get stressful. If you same with me, you must try Online Trivia at There's have two kind games that we can play, All-in Trivia and First-2-Five. Because this is a online games and can play it for multi-player, so we can play against any people from all around the world. You can play it for free just download the free trivia software and register to get started. Let's try it.

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Be Simple

Posted by Mazarif

When I'm browsing to another sites or blog, I'm always annoying by blogs that have flash cause my internet connection is slow and it's take a time to get complete pages. I thought maybe it's same with another visitor. So when designing the site, keep away from Flash or pages with frames.

Website visitors often find these annoying-- they're slow and take lots of time to load or move to other pages. They also make your pages more difficult for search engine bots to find your content.
Stay with a good HTML site. Little advice for your blog, use white color for your sites background its more fast to load with slow connection than with another colors.

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Successful AdWords ad

Posted by Mazarif on Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There's so many program to earn money on the internet, one of them is pay per click program. This program will paid you if visitor click the ads at your sites or you will paid if the visitor take more action like buying something in the sites that advertise in your sites.

It's difficult to get money on this program if you didn't know the secret, you need to learn how create a successful AdWords ad to increase your income. One of the secrets is use promptly words like shop, buy, choose, try and other. Another ways is choosing keyword for your blog or sites and ad placement on your pages. To get more secrets you can visiting, there you'll given any advices how make Adwords ad more effective.

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Another Way

Posted by Mazarif

You won’t increase your page’s Google PageRank much by simply spraying potential keywords all over the place. But, according to Google, you can have an impact by making your pages “Google-friendly”. Here’s a few ideas Google’s Webmaster Guidelines section and Help Center provide:
  1. One of the most important PageRank factors is the number of sites (that have high PageRanks) that link to yours. Make your online content worth linking to.
  2. Add a site map (a single-page, hyperlinked index of the pages within your site).You can also add your site map to Google’s index via Google Sitemaps (
  3. Don’t use shady tactics. In particular, don’t hide tons of keywords on your Web page. If you’re putting text in your page’s code but not letting that text appear on the page, you’re heading in the wrong direction.
  4. Make sure that Google is aware of your site. You can ensure that crawlers scan your new site by submitting it to Google via its Submit Your Site page

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Online Business Degree

Posted by Mazarif

With internet you can do anything, from get friends, earn money, shopping and get education. Today is not impossible to get study just with online. You'll get more advantages with program online degree, cause while working full or part time, you can take course too and another advantages is it can study from anywhere: work, home or on the move. To learn more about flexible online degree you can visiting kaplanopenlearning.

Kaplan open learning offer a distance learning, there's we can study online to gain a foundation degree in Business & Management, Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing. This program is result from cooperation between the University of Essex and Kaplan Open Learning. The University of Essex is the UK academic institutions with the high quality of its research and teaching.

Online Foundation Degrees at Kaplan Open Learning is combination of work based learning and specialist subject areas. There students will helped by expert tutors at every step. Students will have the opportunity interact with fellow students and their tutor at regularly time. The
essential textbooks for your studies will be given free by Kaplan. Sometime industry experts will give their experiences so students can learn from various industry experts´ real world knowledge.

In Kaplan Open Learning you can choose any degree that you want, like Business and Management Foundation Degree that bring you essential knowledge and skills for managing teams, Entrepreneurship Foundation Degree that provide you skills and knowledge to run a successful new venture, Marketing and Sales Management Foundation Degree that prepare you for a more senior marketing role in your own or another enterprise and Internet Marketing Foundation Degree that bring you essential knowledge and skills needed to develop, implement and operate an ecommerce strategy.

When graduate this program, you'll be able to put the letters FdA after your name cause graduate from the University of Essex. Online Foundation Degrees at Kaplan Open Learning was give opportunity for everyone that have the ability and desire to get course and degree but for reason cannot attend university cause work or family.

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Addict This Game

Posted by Mazarif on Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yes, I was addicted by Age of Empires the Conquerors expansion. This is
old games by Microsoft but I'm still play it. So many new games was
created and released but I'm still love this game. This game setting from
Age of Empires that ordinary I'm play it:
Game : Regicide
Map Style : Standard
Size : Medium (4 player)
Difficulty : Hard
Other Players : 6
Resource : High
Population : 200
Reveal Map : All visible
Starting Age : Post-Imperial Age
and for civilization, I'm choose Aztec.

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The most beautiful sound

Posted by Mazarif

It's called azan, this function like bell in the church. Every dawn in all around the world, this sound was heard. For me this is the most beautiful sound in the world that shout five times in a day and one at dawn. When every people fallen a sleep and dreaming, this sound echo to waking me to remembered that the time was came. Time to wake up and remember the Almighty, and say thanks for everything that given to me. Thanks God ....

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Save Your Money

Posted by Mazarif

Internet is the greatest inventions by human in this century. Cause we can buy anything from internet now, not just stuffs but you can do it for services too, like ticketing, reservation hotels and other. There a thousands merchants has online services to support their business. The
advantages shopping online is we go nowhere to do it, just in front off your computer, you can buy or book anything. Another advantages is you can get special offers prices if you have discount coupons or promotion codes.

To get discounts coupons or promo codes just visiting . There you can found many coupons for many merchants, like discount codes apparels and another stuffs. With bestonlinecoupons you can get last minute travel deals, discount flights, cheap hotels and rental car promotion codes so you'll get special prices and you can saves your money.

Its very nice sites, you can search any coupons for many merchants. It's easy to search coupons that you wanted cause they have 19 categories in sidebar to guide you find coupon that you needed. They have coupons categories like apparel, automotive, books, computers, electronics, Travel and many more. There you can found coupon codes too for Best Buy, Dell Computer, eBags, Circuit City, Target, Expedia, Macys, Office Depot, ProFlowers, Old Navy, Orbitz,, 1-800-Flowers and Walmart.

This site is updated often, you can browse new discounts and promotional codes just click a link at above sites. There you can see expiring coupons and hot coupons too. The reason i love this sites is free to use and no registration required. So with you can saves your money.

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Great Vegetables

Posted by Mazarif on Monday, May 05, 2008

Are you like vegetables? For me it's yes, cause in my country we ordinary eat with vegetables even cooked or uncooked. Vegetables important to our body, unfortunately many people didn't like it especially children.

Vegetables give us natural antioxidant that can prevent our body from disease. This is five vegetables have turned out to be great antioxidant.
  • Artichokes
  • Radishes
  • Broccoli
  • Red chicory
  • Leeks
Just eat it you'll instantly up your defenses against everything from wrinkles to heart disease and even help make you looked younger.

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Bright Future for Everyone

Posted by Mazarif

It's hard to make bright future for person that have got bad credit. Credit was be part of life in Americans society and can be guaranty for their and families future. Credit was use by Americans to get home loans, auto loans and personal loans.

For you that have bad credit credit cards it's needed to repair bad credit loans with eliminated debt, improve credit scores and consolidate payments. To get advice about bad credit visiting, there you can sign up yourself and choose the best offer that you needs. You can choose credit solutions of America, care one credit counseling and other. is great sites, it's a guide online for consumer that have a bad credit loans history. There you can learn anything about bad credit loans, you can learn and discuss about your credit history with the experts. They will bring you bad credit offers including credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, home loans and other that available for you.

With theirs experience in the credit industry they will give the best opportunities offered by card providers and other lenders. So you can build your future again.

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Ways to Increase Comment

Posted by Mazarif on Sunday, May 04, 2008

I get this suggestion from Darren Rowse

1. Invite Comments - I notice that when I specifically invite comments that people leave them in higher numbers than when I don’t. To some degree this confuses me as most of my readers know that they can leave comments on any post - but I guess inviting a comment triggers a response to some extent. Also keep in mind that new readers that are unfamiliar with blogging don’t always know about comments or how to use them - invitations to participate in well laid out and easy to use comments systems are good for helping them participate.

2. Ask Questions - Including specific questions in posts definitely helps get higher numbers of comments. I find that when I include questions in my headings that it is a particularly effective way of getting a response from readers as you set a question in their mind from the first moments of your post.

3. Be Open Ended - If you say everything there is to say on a topic you’re less likely to get others adding their opinions because you’ll have covered what they might have added. While you don’t want to purposely leave too many things unsaid there is an art to writing open ended posts that leaves room for your readers to be experts also.

4. Interact with comments left - If you’re not willing to use your own comments section why would your readers? If someone leaves a comment interact with them. This gets harder as your blog grows but it’s particularly important in the early days of your blog as it shows your readers that their comments are valued, it creates a culture of interactivity and gives the impression to other readers that your comments section is an active place that you as the blogger value. As the activity in your comments section grows you may find you need to be slightly less active in it as readers will start to take over on answering questions and creating community - however don’t completely ignore your comment threads.

5. Set Boundaries - I noticed that shortly after I set the rules for my comments section (with a comments policy) that my comment numbers jumped up a little. I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence or whether readers responded to knowing what was and wasn’t acceptable. It’s just a theory but I think a well managed and moderated comments section that is free of spam and that deals with well with people stepping out of line is an attractive thing to readers. I personally don’t mind people expressing different opinions to one another in comments but when I sense things are getting a little out of hand and too personal I often step in to attempt to bring some order to the situation (I rarely delete non spam comments). I find that people have responded to this and that comment threads generally stay constructive as a result.

6. Be humble - I find that readers respond very well to posts that show your own weaknesses, failings and the gaps in your own knowledge rather than those posts where you come across as knowing everything there is to know on a topic. People are attracted to humility and are more likely to respond to it than a post written in a tone of someone who might harshly respond to their comments.

7. Be gracious - Related to humility is grace. There are times where you as the blogger will get something wrong in your posts. It might be spelling or grammar, it could be the crux of your argument or some other aspect of your blogging. When a someone leaves a comment that shows your failing it’s very easy to respond harshly in a defensive manner. We’ve all seen the flaming that can ensue. While it’s not easy - a graceful approach to comments where you admit where you are wrong and others is right can bring out the lurkers and make them feel a little safer in leaving comments.

8. Be controversial? - I put a question mark after this one because it doesn’t always work (and I personally avoid it as much as I can these days) - but there’s nothing like controversy to get people commenting on your blog. Of course with controversy comes other consequences - one of which is the risk of putting off less vocal members of your readership.

9. ‘Reward’ Comments - There are many ways of acknowledging and ‘rewarding’ good comments that range from simply including a ‘good comment’ remark through to highlighting them in other posts that you write. Drawing attention to your readers who use comments well affirms them but also draws attention of other readers to good use of your comments section.

10. Make it Easy to Comment - I leave a lot of comments on a lot of blogs each week - but there is one situation where I rarely leave a comment - even if the post deserves it - blogs that require me to login before making a comment. Maybe I’m lazy (actually there’s no maybe about it) or maybe there’s something inside me that worries about giving out my personal details - but when I see a comments section that requires registration I almost always (95% or more of the time) leave the blog without leaving the comment that I want to make. While I totally understand the temptation to require registration for comments (combatting spam in most cases) something inside me resists participating in such comments sections. Registration is a hurdle you put in front of your readers that some will be willing to leap but that others will balk at (the same is often said about other comments section requirements that go beyond the basics). Keep your comments section as simple and as easy to use as possible.

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Easy Reservation

Posted by Mazarif

So many reason to make traveling like honeymoon, business trip or family and group vacations. Europe became the main destination for traveler around the world.Traveling to Europe and America more easy now, cause only with internet we can plan where we go and where we booking hotels. Now we can book hotels in main destination for travelers like Barcelona, Prague, London, Dublin, New york and Rome more easy. Just visiting easytobook you can book hotels in Europe and America like Barcelona hotels, New York Hotels and more. There you can choose the hotels according the best prices and places.

According extensive research, easytobook provide hotels that best suits the varied budget and taste of different travelers. All the hotels describe details about their stylish boutique properties and the discounts they offered.

Every hotels has photos so you can see the building of hotels, like Prague hotels, Dublin hotels, Rome hotels and London hotels. Easytobook is the most efficient online booking to Europe and America hotels. With easytobook you can stop worrying about getting hotels.

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Shopping Cart Software

Posted by Mazarif

Today, style of life was change by internet, we can buy anything without go out home but just online internet. A thousand merchants was appeared to offered many stuffs and services. Websites that offers stuff to visitors called ecommerce. This online business was attract many people to run business like this. If you want make site as a ecommerce, you needed shopping cart to support your business.

Choosing ecommerce software is not easy, it's needed knowledge to choose the best software to your sites. I suggest to use shopping cart software by Ashop Commerce. This software provide a credit cards in real-time, easy update your content by yourself, search engine optimized structure and customizable design. This software award winning shopping cart, was proven and used by thousand online merchants in America.

Ashop give opportunity for you to ask any questions to our livehelp operators via the link at their site. Try it for 10 days, to know that it's very useful, exciting and see if the Ashop Commerce solution suites for your business.

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Play Online Backgammon

Posted by Mazarif on Saturday, May 03, 2008

Like chess, backgammon has been studied with great interest by programmer. According to this research, backgammon software has been developed capable to play it online. To learn about play backgammon you can visit gammon-fortune, there you can play online backgammon and have fun and enjoy yourself. Gammon-fortune available in six languages, so you can play against people from all around the worlds. It's easy to use it, you just download gammon-fortune online and play it.

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Don't Hesitate to Life Your Dream

Posted by Mazarif

Every children was got question from the parents or the older people, What you want to be? And the most answer is doctor, engineer, fire fighter, police and other. When we grow up and being a man, the dreaming maybe was change with many reason.

I thought we must keep dreaming what we want to be, like want traveling to another country, have a new car, or big house and other. Don't ever we didn't have a dream, cause dreaming can make we still alive. Don't ever given up to life your dream, keep forward!!

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Facing Criminal Charges

Posted by Mazarif

Facing criminal charges like criminal offense, domestic violence, sex crime, drug crimes, theft and more can happen to everyone and everywhere in California. If you got charges like that you need good and experience attorney to help you, I suggest to calling Criminal Attorneys in Los Angeles | DUI Defense Lawyers in Southern California to solve your problem. With their criminal law experience over 50 years they can handle the most difficult cases with great results. The victories in court was their achieve for many case, they can do it with creative way to solve their client problem. Everything your problem, Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin, LLP can help you.

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Midnight Futsal

Posted by Mazarif

Yesterday i was played futsal with my friends, not just another futsal that i was played before, it started nearly midnight. Ordinarily I played futsal in the morning or evening.

Cause I'm never played at night before, I've got problem with this body. Just few minutes playing, I've got headache and i must out from yield to make a rest for healing this pain. It's take a few minutes for my body to adapt, i can played it again after that and i thought it's more difficult played at night than at morning.

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Little Advice to Use eBay

Posted by Mazarif

Just a little advice for using eBay. If you don’t understand any icon (rating, star, gift icon, camera icon) just click on it and it will provide you an explanation of what it is for. It goes for any icon or
number you encounter on eBay.

First, the number beside a seller is his feedback rating. Suppose there is a seller by the name of mazarif (25). The number 25 is his feedback rating. Suppose, 35 customers have bought from mazarif, 30 of them have given him a positive feedback but five of them have given him a negative feedback. Now for every positive feedback, mazarif will earn 1 point and for every negative feedback he will get (-1). If you add 30 for a positive feedback and subtract 5 for a negative feedback, it will make Google’s feedback rating 30-5=25

eBay gives 1 point for a positive feedback, -1 for a negative feedbackand 0 for a neutral feedback. If you want to see a very detailed feedback of the seller, just click on his feedback rating and you will get comprehensive details.

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Europe Trip

Posted by Mazarif

I have a dream that someday i could visiting Europe, there many interesting cities and places especially Barcelona in Spain. Its amazing city, many heritage building from middle ages still we can see in this city and my favorite football club was here too, Barcelona FC. Maybe i could watch some match football in Noucamp Stadium and be witness their victory. If you want traveling to Barcelona with your spouse or families, it's easy to find cheap hotels in Barcelona.

Another places that be most destinations is Rome, this city have unique culture, heritage building and many entertainment venues in here. Just like Barcelona, we can find cheap hotels in Rome too. Its nice city to stay for leasure.

In Europe, another cities that we must visiting is London and Amsterdam, both have many interesting places. Hotels London and Hotels Amsterdam give us professionally services to make sure we enjoy and happy vacation. If you wanna get more information about hotels in Europe, i suggest to visiting cheaperthanhotels this site offers excellent usability for making reservations in many Hotels. It's amazing can make Europe trip.

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May Day

Posted by Mazarif on Friday, May 02, 2008

Today, may 1, all workers around the world celebrate labor day or international worker's day. Labor day always refer with demonstration and protest to government.

In Indonesia many labors was demonstration to erase contract labor system and increasing salary. Cause many labors was terminated by factory without separation pay. The crowd was seen since this morning from all around Jakarta and centered in president palaces.

Just to know, the salary of labors in Indonesia just as price of two pairs shoes that they made in factory. Its just about 100$ a month, and with this money they must be clever to use it to live their families. You can imagine it?

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Checking Pagerank

Posted by Mazarif

It's time for blogger to check their pagerank, cause google was update pagerank for all websites. And this blog still have pagerank 4, it's make me happy cause i think my pagerank will drop before.

But my another blog didn't have a good pagerank and this make me unsatisfied, cause i was tried many way to increase it. So i must learn more to make better my pagerank. How about your pagerank?

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Made article in french

Posted by Mazarif

According my post beffore, you'll see that i was made article in French. And this is easy way to make it. First i write article in English then i used google translate to translate my article in Frech.

To know what i was write you can copy my article and translate it in English. I was use google translate to visit blog that used French, so i know what they write.

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Forming New Habit

Posted by Mazarif

According my post before that i want change my bad habit, i get some suggestion from my friend how to effectively forming new habits.

The essence of the technique is simply to devote 15 minutes a day to the formation of any habit you wish to establish, and do this faithfully for 21 days. By the fourth week, it should actually be harder not to engage in the new behavior than it would be to continue doing it.

This applies to any type of habit, whether it is a physical practice or a way of perceiving something, such as self image. It will also help to establish the habit if the behavior, such as jogging, is performed at the same time of day every day.

Other senses can be utilized to establish the habit. For example, if you want to establish the habit of meditating, you can reinforce the practice by wearing the same clothing, burning the same incense, occupying the same location, and assuming the same posture.

The more senses you can involve in the new habit, the more likely it is to become ingrained in the neural pathways, so, even if you're working on your self image in a mental construct, it's helpful to use all the faculties of your imagination to include sights, sounds, smells, and the
senses of feeling and taste to strengthen the image which you come to associate with your new self image. In other words, make it seem as real as possible.

If you miss a day, just keep going until you've been doing the new behavior for 21 days in a row.
And hope you success have the new good habit.

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Buy Lamps in Farreys

Posted by Mazarif

Today, lamps not just for lighting only but its can be accessory to make your home and apartment more beautiful. Choosing the right lamps can make your house and apartment more attractive.

If you want look and buy some lamps to your house or apartment, I suggest you to came in Farreys, it’s the online lighting store. Farreys provide a thousand of indoor and outdoor lamps from a dozens of top manufacturers like table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps and many more.

What i love about Farreys is we can search of lighting product with very easy. We can search lamps quickly just choosing a style, brand, type and price range. Not just that, Farreys given us lowest price, 30 day return policy and safe shopping online too. It's very exciting place to buy lighting products.

When visit this website I am interested with traditional desk lamps it’s very beautiful lamps, and can make my room more attractive. You can see it too just visiting Farreys.

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Unforgettable Vacation

Posted by Mazarif

There so many reason to made vacation, like honeymoon, relieve stress or just to tighten families members. Make vacation with person that we love is very exciting. It's more amazing if we can vacation to the exotic places around the world with cruises like to Africa, Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Hawaii and other.

If you want make vacation to celebrate your honeymoon or just want have unforgettable holiday with your spouse or families, i give you suggestion to visit cruise vacation center. There you can book online your cruise vacation, just choose your destination, your sailing date, duration of vacation and cruises that you want, its very easy to make book. They was
experienced in this field for many years, they never give you bad services.

For cruises, you can choose Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and many more. With Princess Cruises you can take vacations to the most exciting destinations and you will serves professionally to make sure that you are happy.

And if you choose Norwegian Cruise Lines for your vacation, there you will given almost one crewmember per cabin, you will served in the luxury. Or you can choose Royal Caribbean Cruise Line the leading innovative cruise vacation company that offers entertaining vacation. And many more cruises that you can choose.

Give your spouse and families a great surprises with vacation to exotic places in the world. Make your vacation unforgettable and more worthy.
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